Istros the Callimachean

In this section we are working on a prototype of a digital collection of text re-uses of lost works. The model is based on the edition of the fragments of Istros the Callimachean published by Monica Berti in 2009:

M. Berti (ed.), Istro il Callimacheo, I, Testimonianze e frammenti su Atene e sull'Attica, Edizioni Tored, Tivoli (Roma) 2009 (limited preview). The fragments of Istros are also going to be published in the Brill's New Jacoby collection by Monica Berti, who is continuing the work begun by the late Steven Jackson.

This project is developed in conjunction with Perseids.


The section is divided into two parts:

1) Print edition: characteristics and limits of a print edition of fragmentary authors.

2) Digital edition: fundamental requirements for building a digital edition of text re-uses of lost authors.