The Revolt of Samos

The aim of this section is to provide a test case for designing a "synoptical representation" of primary sources. By this expression we mean a way to identify chunks of separate sources corresponding to one another and align them. We have chosen the example of the Athenian suppression of the revolt of Samos (441-439 BC) because we have literary and epigraphical texts that can be aligned together.

The sources are grouped into different pages corresponding to different topics on the revolt of Samos. They are aligned in columns and it is also possible to highlight source passages where we have same or similar words about the same subject (click on this symbol ). The texts are presented both in the original Greek language and in English translation, and they are provided with links to the full TEI XML digital sources published in the Perseus Digital Library or to print edition pdf files stored in Internet Archive or Google Books.

For a collection of sources on the revolt of Samos, see G.F. Hill, Sources for Greek History between the Persian and Peloponnesian Wars, Oxford 1897, pp. 137-146, and its revised edition by Meiggs and Andrewes (Oxford 1951).

For two reports on this project, see M. Berti, 'Citazioni e dinamiche testuali, L'intertestualità e la storiografia greca frammentaria', in V. Costa (ed.), Tradizione e trasmissione degli storici greci frammentari 2, Tivoli (Roma) 2012, pp. 439-458; M. Berti, 'Collecting Quotations by Topic: Degrees of Preservation and Transtextual Relations among Genres', in Ancient Society 43 (2013), pp. 269-288.


* We are very grateful to the Classics Department of the College of the Holy Cross for supporting this project.

The revolt

Perikles' funeral speech

The Athenian generals (441/40 BC)

The role of Aspasia

The Athenian generals (439/38 BC)

The tattoo of the prisoners

Sophokles' strategia

The treason of the Samian

Expenses of the war